Admission Information

Admission Information

Admission Information

  • Registration for admission can be done for your child at any time during the year on the payment of a small sum.
  • Admission criteria- the admission is open from age 1.6 years till 6 years.
  • Admission process- first the prospective parents visit the school premises. Then they fill up the admission form which is available in the prospectus, which is a priced document.
  • The form is to be submitted in the school office along with the payment through A/C payee cheque / DD or in cash.

The following documents are to be submitted.

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Address proof
  • Photographs of the child and the parent.
  • To Enroll your child please fill out the Admission Form.

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General FAQs

Q. Why is ABC Magical World more expensive as compared to conventional schools?

Ans. -Although the invesment of ABC Magical World school is high due to extensive training, costly ABC Magical World material and superior furniture but the fee of our every school is at par with other play school.

Q.How can ABC Magical World teachers meet the needs of so many different children?

Ans. – ABC Magical World teachers do not spend time in teaching lesson as traditional teachers. They maintain physical, intellectual and socio-emotional environment in the classroom in which children work at their will. Again, ABC Magical World teachers work with each child or with small groups for long time, comprehending their strengths and weaknesses excellently.

Q.Is ABC Magical World for all children?

Ans. -ABC Magical World system has been used successfully with children from all socio economic levels as well as children with development delays and emotional/physical disabilities.

A pioneer in Early Childhood Care and Education

We are the largest preschool chain in India

The ABC Magical World programs, being age appropriate, integrate a cohesive learning pedagogy

Our pedagogy, Interactive curriculum, is designed to help the children realize their unique abilities in a systematic.

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